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I read other people's reviews here and went to this Dentist, she is awesome, you can immediately feel comfortable, the way she speaks, smiles and listens, I am dead scared of needles but she has a magic hand? couldn't feel it. Check Dr. Saleem out, she is good.
- Beliron E.

Dr. Saleem is a very good dentist. Any time I have a cavity, she does the whole process very quick and I don't feel any pain. Her office is nice and it it is in a very great location near the mall. Also, her prices are great, and she does great work. If you want a good dentist, go to Dr. Saleem at About Smiles.
- Anonymous

I am a 55 year old man who (was) so afraid of the dentist that even with dental insurance I would rather let my teeth break and rot down to the bone then go to the dentist. I hate pain and needles. So when I could not stand the tooth ache pain anymore, than I would go running always to the wrong dentist..Until now that is because God must have heard my prayers.(Sincerely) I thank god for About Smiles Dentistry. Dentist/Luma Saleem and her assistant Monica. if it was not for Monica i would have missed out on the BEST DENTIST EVER..Assistant Monica assured me that dentist/Luma Saleem is also great with kids and that I would be in Skilled, Sensitive, and Gentle hands.(she was right).They are very considerate of my fear. Monica said how once a old lady was so afraid that she held her hand while she got the needles.(Now that's customer service)..I Felt No Pain From Her Needles..She got one tooth out that was broken and worn down to the nub(and no stitches)..So i am even Saving Money by not having to go to an oral surgeon..Dentist/Luma Saleem(she is that good)..if I sound excited, I am..MY BIGEST FEAR IS GONE..I wonder if you drive by her new Langhorne PA. office at night there might be a light shinning down from heaven..HA HA...Why did God not make teeth out of white stainless steel ? HA HA....The only thing missing is a "HALO" around that cute little tooth log..HAHA.
- Anonymous

The new location at near Oxford Valley mall in Langhorne, PA is very convenient, the rooms are bigger and all new equipment. It's very close to Newtown and Levittown as well as I95 and route 1. Best Dentist in Langhorne I ever had, she just puts you in a very relaxing mood!
- Anonymous

Very professional, and personable. I like the small office environment where you do not feel that you are treated as a "case" but rather a person.
- Anonymous